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What is the approximate occupancy rate I can expect if Airhosty manage my property?

While we cannot make any guarantee, based on past experiences we have achieved an average occupancy rate of about 80% for our clients, which is 30% higher than the average rate in greater Sydney area. But more importantly, we balance occupancy rate with rental price, finding the optimal between the 2 that will ultimately deliver the best returns to our clients.

How much more money can I expect to make if I switch from long-term rent to short term rent?

Most property owners who lease their home on a short term basis (1 day to 3 months lease term) earn about 50% more in rental income than when leasing long term (more than 3 months lease term).  

How do you manage listing price?

The listed rental rate for your property will vary day to day, sometimes even from hour to hour. Airhosty uses a dynamic pricing software to analyze market demand and supply in real time, in order to set the rental price for your property that ensures optimal balance between rental and occupancy rate, and ultimately giving you the best returns.

How do you avoid damages to my property?

With more than 3 years of experience, we have a keen eye for picking out potentially problematic or high risk bookings.  We do a thorough screening process and should there be any red flag, we will not accept booking from the guest.

What happens if guests damage my property during their stay?

There are 3 ways to mitigate the risk of damages to your property.

  1. We hold a deposit from guests who making bookings at our properties. After a guest check out, we will do a thorough inspection of the property for any missing items or damages. The deposit will used to pay for replacement of missing items and repair of damages.

  2. Any property leased through Airbnb is covered for damages up to US$1million per property.

  3. We also recommend homeowners to buy your own short-term rental insurance to project against any unexpected damages.

What services do you provide for property owners? 

Airhosty can provide a range of services based on your needs, such as interior styling, furniture purchase and fit out, room photography, listing management, bill payment, utility connection, guest booking management, check-in assistance, 24/7 online customer service for guests during their stays, cleaning, housekeeping and emergency management.

We can also provide a one-stop-shop services for our owners where we take care of everything for you, which is our most popular service package.

See our full service list here.

How do you ensure financial transparency in your management and operations?

Each homeowner will be issued an account login details to the room booking management system so that owners can have full access to all booking detail, including booking rate, duration and guests. Nothing is more important to us than trust from our clients, and we want to make sure that there is absolute transparency in how we operate.

How much does Airhosty charge?

Our service fee is charged as a fixed percentage rate of the total income from your rental, starting from 15% to 30% depending on the services you have selected. We offer different service packages to suit your needs. View our service packages and pricing here.

Is there any preparation in order to start short-term leasing?

You only need to prepare 3 sets of keys and hand them over to us, our team will take care of the rest.

When does Airhosty pay the rent?

At the beginning of each month, a rental report for the previous month will be emailed to owners. The amount shown on the report will be transferred to your nominated bank account within two (2) working days.

Can I stay at the property when the room is vacant?

Yes. We give homeowners complete flexibility on when they want to make their property available for rent. That means you can stay at your property whenever you want, if there is no prior booking. If you wish to stay more than 1 month, please give us two weeks’ notice to allow us to make necessary updates on our booking system. 

Get all your questions answered here.


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