Why you should leave it to the experts

If you are currently managing your own Airbnb property, you may already be familiar with some of the challenges that come with it, especially when trying to balance a full or part-time job. Here compare how you can benefit from having a professional team do the job.

Navigating Listing Platforms

Navigating the complexity of listing platforms can be complicated without fully knowing all the fine prints and T&Cs. Our team have plenty of experience listing across all the big platforms to make sure your properties have maximum exposure.

Setting Rental Price

Setting the right price requires plenty of knowledge to study market trends and demands, and time to make frequent adjustments. Airhosty uses a dynamic pricing system that ensures optimal pricing.

Managing Housekeeping

Housekeeping can also be a troublesome chore, sometimes you may also need to deal with unhappy customers who are not entirely satisfied with the standard and quality. At Airhosty, our housekeeping team is hotel-trained, and we only use hotel grade products.

Dealing With Maintenance

Properties are sometimes damaged after a guest stay. Whether accidentally or intentionally, the responsibility often falls to the owner to take care of it. Airhosty has a professional repair and maintenance team and insurance claimant to help mitigate losses from property damage. 

Styling Your Home

With potential guests only seeing photos when making an online booking, how your property is being presented is of utmost importance. Our professional photographers and stylists will ensure that your homes are shown in the best light possible.

Customer Service Excellence

Dealing with guests' questions, enquires, complaints or dealing with difficult guests themselves, are all part of the job. Airhosty offers 24/7 dedicated customer service that includes handling emergency situations.

How we can help

We are a team of professional short-term leasing hospitality team who has helped more than 200 homeowners managed their home and increased their rental income through short-term leases.

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July 2020

The property was perfect! Allen was very helpful in every way and very easy to communicate with. The house was beautiful and very clean. It was a great size for our group of 7 of us and the beds were so comfortable. Thank you for allowing us to stay over for a few days and enjoy our little escape.

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July 2020

The views are sensational! My family of 6 stayed for a week and the sunroom is a great addition as it added extra space and privacy for my son. Having two bathrooms were fabulous and the rooms were simple and comfortable but watch out for the hard mattress on the bottom bunk - my daughter was not a fan! No dryer and couldn’t find the knives and forks until day two as they were in the dishwasher! Overall, great location and very homely.

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June 2020

We loved this place! SPECTACULAR VIEWS!! (water view, city view). This place is at a perfect location, very easy to get around with public transportation and walking distance to awesome bars and restaurants. This place is great, has everything you need. Allen was also very helpful since the beginning, available at all times whenever I had any questions. Totally recommend it.

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January 2020

Beautiful, clean home with very thoughtful touches to make our stay more comfortable. Allen was a fantastic host, very responsive and easy to communicate with. Excellent value for money, nice location for families with lots of parks nearby. This was our first Airbnb experience and it exceeded expectations. Would highly recommend Sofei's property.

Hear what our guests are saying


The Rise of Alternative Short Lease Accommodations

Short-term rental property is an alternative to the hotel room, with a cosy home experience and at a fraction of the price a hotel charges, especially those located in the city. Over the years, more and more travellers are preferring this type of accommodation over traditional hotel rooms. With the rise in popularity and availability of short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and Homeaway, as well as the wider acceptance for this type alternative accommodation solutions, private homeowners are also beginning to open up their homes.

Why Make the Switch?

Whether you own a house or an apartment, a primary residence or an investment property, you can now turn it into a cash generator with a flexible rental period, easier and fast rental agreements and booking confirmations. You may even choose to rent it out while you are on a holiday and use the extra cash to finance the trip. If you are a property investor, short-term rental solutions may significantly change your rental income landscape, as you make the switch from long term lease.

What is short term rental?

Short term rental accommodation, under the Australian law, refers to the leasing of the whole or part of a private home for a period of one day up to three months.