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Our Journey

May 2016

A New Beginning

Commenced to plan the business strategy and started to test the market.

Jan 2017

A Small Step Forward

Airhosty officially established and obtained 10 property management right.

Jan 2018

1 Year Anniversary

30 properties under management, all properties rental returns were higher than long term leasing.

May 2018

Standardizing Operations

Airhosty standardized operational process, so efficiency had been significantly enhanced.

Dec 2018

Introducing Our "Leasing While Selling" Service- A Market First

The first property was seamlessly sold under Airhosty leasing while selling service, which did not trigger any rent loss.

Jan 2019

2 Year Anniversary

Airhosty achieved 80 properties under management.

May 2019

Rapid Growth

Airhosty management right achieved 100 properties.


Onward & Forward

2020 is a challenging and unprecedented time, but we are optimistic. We continue to improve our service and operations, and work towards a higher vision and better results for our owners.

Our Team

Airhosty Allen Liu

Allen Liu

Chief Executive Office

Airhosty April Luo

April Luo

Chief Financial Officer

Airhosty Ian Zhang

Ian Zhang

Operations Manager

Airhosty Irix Xiong

Iris Xiong

Senior Customer Service Manager

About Us

Who is Airhosty?

Airhosty is a team of passionate hospitality industry trained experts who devote to utilize their professionalism to maximum property investor rental return through hassle-free short-term rental management.

We are professional

About Airhosty

We are a team of highly skilled professionals with decades of knowledge and experience in this trade. From photography, housekeeping, home styling to customer service, we have dedicated teams looking after each component to ensure that that our services are kept to the highest standard, each and every time.

Abou Airhosty

We are experts

The team has knowledge and expertise in managing both short and long term property leases. During this trying time, we are adapting as the market demands of us. Homeowners can lease their properties with us on a long term management basis (3 to 6 months), which offers slightly better stability in occupancy rate. We can then switch to short term lease once the condition improves.

We are passionate

We are a passionate team who wants to help property owners get the most out of their investment homes while providing outstanding customer service to every guest who stays with us. Our passion translates to everything we do and our customers are our best proof- we retain more than 90% of our clients since our company founding.

We are consistent

Having been in this industry for more than 5 years, and with more than 200 properties under our management, we have put in place a system of operations that ensures efficiency, convenience and consistency in quality of services for both our homeowners and guests.

Our Story

Our journey began some 6 years ago when Allen, currently Airhosty’s CEO, saw that there was a market gap between strong market demand for an alternative short-term accommodation and those who want to enter the market but do not have the time, resources or even energy to manage it on their own.


Allen brought the idea up during a casual conversation with April, now our CFO and they soon realized that not only did they share the same thoughts, but also the same passion to serve this need.


Airhosty was born soon after. Allen brought to the partnership years of sales experience in tourism property, while April had a strong long -term property leasing management background. The team was complete when Iris, who had a degree in hospitality management, joined the company.


6 years since, Airhosty has now managed a total of more than 200 properties.

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